Matthew Burke

Mathematician, Software Developer


A partial list of talks I have given.

I am adding links to slides and/or videos; I plan on completing this by the end of January 2015.

  • Language-aware Development Tools. PDF Keynote
    Coders Only, Spetember 2014

  • Automation for Mobile Development.
    MoDevGov, February 2014

  • Automation in Mobile Development.
    MoDevEast, December 2013

  • Command Line Tools for Mobile Development.
    iOSDevCampDC, August 2013

  • Debugging using NSLogger. Video
    MoDevTablet, September 2012

  • Logging in OS X and iOS.
    CocoaHeads DC, February 2012

  • Scripting Apps with Lua.
    MoDevEast, December 2011